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Tips for Choosing Electric Hoist

When you purchase an electric hoist, you have to consider different types, brands, and specifications. This can be time-consuming but can help you make the right decision. You should read a detailed electric hoist guide before buying. The main types of electric hoist include the wire rope and chain hoist. You can find hoists from 0.25 ton to 100-ton capacities. They utilize the motor to turn the internal gearing that lowers or raises the load that is connected to the operator’s use of the pendant control. The good thing about electric hoists is that they are economical. However, they have limited applications.


electric hoistOne of the things to consider when choosing an electric hoist is the estimated amount of weight that it will lift. As noted above, hoists range in capacity. Ensure you choose the right hoist for the task. It is advisable to select a hoist that provides more capacity than what is needed by the job. When you work with the heavy objects, you need to ensure you are safe. Can you use the hoist for another job than the current one? You should anticipate and try the weights of various objects you will want to lift and plan accordingly.


This can be defined as the distance an object is lifted vertically. It is also known as the amount of chain needed. Most hoists have a standard configuration of 10 feet. Fortunately, you can easily customize with 90 feet of chain or more to meet your applications. You should note that the longer the chain required, the more expensive the hoist becomes. When determining the amount of lift needed, you should take into account the height of objects being lifted.


hoist craneThis is the amount of electric cable, hand chain, or air hose included as part of the control package. If you are purchasing a hoist for lowering applications or plan to operate from a platform, you need a less amount of drop. On the other hand, if you are going to operate the same hoist from the area where to pick the load, then you need a higher amount of drop.


Hoists can be electric, pneumatic, and manual. You have to consider the type and design of controls before ordering one. Electric hoists just like their pneumatic counterparts have pendant controls that help dictate the direction of the hoist when lifting. They also have push-button controls.