Success is the choice most often made by the students at St. Paul’s Preparatory Academy. St. Paul’s is a college preparatory day and boarding school for young men in grades nine through twelve. Our balanced emphasis on solid academic performance and character development will help students meet challenges and achieve success. Students strive toward and reach new levels of intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical growth.

Our unwavering commitment to teaching students the necessary academic and personal skills to succeed in higher education and beyond encourages inner growth and fulfillment of potential.

St. Paul’s structured school environment is driven by positive peer leadership and the active participation of the faculty and staff. Students form a philosophy of life based upon trust, knowledge, truth, responsibility and honor.

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St.Paul’s Helps You Develop Your Character!

Here at St. Paul’s, you’ll excel in an environment that encourages you to make positive decisions concerning your life. In an academically challenging and supportive atmosphere on a campus free of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, you’ll develop strength of character built upon a positive foundation of values:

Honesty, truthfulness and integrity in your everyday life.
Respect for the dignity and necessity of hard work.
A high regard for the feelings, beliefs and property of others.
A sense of responsibility and accountability for your actions.
An awareness to being an integral part of your community.
St. Paul’s demonstrates that when you’re in a caring, structured and consistent environment that expects your very best, you’ll naturally direct your energy into positive and productive pursuits.

We have great expectations – for you!

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