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Common Types of Websites Today

The World Wide Web has realized significant developments in recent years. The continuous creation of different websites reflects this trend. There are numerous types of websites, each catering to different needs. Some websites specialize in offering commercial, health, technology, general information, or service offerings. Making money online using a site presents a lucrative business. Here are some common types of websites found on the Internet today.

Corporate Websites

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Corporate websites, also known as business websites are created with the sole objective of helping users learn more about a company. They are also an advertising tool aimed at directing the actions of the visitors in a certain way.

Some employees often run corporate websites on behalf of the company, and in some cases, they might use a digital marketing company.

Personal Website

There is a great likelihood that you might have come across a personal website. These websites are owned by individuals and have their profile featured on them. Most people running this type of sites focus on their interests. Since these websites have a limited scope, they do not require lots of capital to set up.

Flash Website

This website can be either personal or corporate. However, they are classified based on their offerings. Flash websites are designed to offer video to describe specific products. These websites are increasingly becoming popular considering that most people find the information shared there easy to relate. Instead of viewing a text-based advert, most people prefer streaming videos.

E-Commerce Websites

This types of websites are mainly transactional. As such, they are used as a platform that allows users or customers to shop at their comfort. From a business perspective, they are cheaper to run instead of renting an expensive retail outlet. God examples of e-commerce websites are Alibaba and Amazon.


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A blog is a short form for a weblog. Blogging is highly preferred especially when one needs to establish direct communication with their reader.

Its interactive nature makes it a practical option when running a marketing campaign. The connection and personal touch offered by blogs explain why they are becoming even more popular than websites.

Other types of websites include government websites, content websites, photo sharing websites, and social website. If you are thinking about launching or relaunching a website, advisable to hire professional website designers.…