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Why Testolone Is Better Than Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males. It plays a vital role associated with sex drive as well as in the enhancement of bone and muscle mass, fat storage among men, and red blood cell production. Testosterone level reaches its peak when one is in his early 20’s and begin declining at 1% every year when he is in his thirties. When testosterone levels drop, reduction of libido, decrease in bone and muscle mass and strength, insomnia, mood swings, and loss of energy occur.

Inadequate testosterone has led many men to go for testosterone replacement therapy, which can be in the form of a skin patch, gel, mouth patch, injectable, implants, and pills. Until now, testosterone replacement is not recommended unless an individual suffering from low testosterone levels manifest many of its symptoms. One option that one with inadequate testosterone is to take testolone or RAD 140.

RAD 140 or testolone is a selective androgen receptor stimulator that is designed to achieve the effects of having high testosterone in the body, just like testosterone replacement therapy. Testolone is said to be more beneficial than hormone-enhancing replacements because of so many reasons.

Testolone Does Not Affect Other Organs

 sexyWhen taking testosterone hormones, other organs can be affected, which can lead to organ failure and ailments. Much has been said on the side effects of oral testosterone on the liver, prostate, and pituitary glands.  Testolone binds only to androgen receptors in bones and muscles, so it does not have any effect on other organs. This makes testolone ideal for bodybuilders and athletes whose only wish in taking testolone is to build muscle mass, strength, and stamina.

Does Not Cause Behavioral Changes

Taking testosterone medication can lead to some behavioral changes and mood swings. This does not happen when taking in testolone supplements.

Other Side Effects Are Less Pronounced

bananaTestosterone gels and skin patches can cause allergies and rashes to someone with sensitive skin while administering it through intravenous injection or intramuscular implants can lead to abscesses and scarred tissues. Aside from other organ affectation, testosterone supplements can also cause hypertension.

Other side effects of testosterone that are less pronounced when taking testolone supplements instead are enlargement of breast among males, hair loss, the formation of acne, loss of libido, and infertility.

All these side effects of testosterone supplements are because they do not target specific receptors, tissues, or organs. It can be absorbed by any tissue in the body, unlike when taking testolone that particularly binds only with androgens in muscles and bones only.…

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Why You Need to Install CCTVs with Audio Recording

CCTV cameras have become very popular in different parts of the globe. These devices are used to improve the overall safety of business places and houses. Some of the advanced CCTV systems can be used for recording videos and audios. However, there are some things that you need to know before recording videos and audios. For instance, you should not compromise the privacy of other people or your employees.

Typically, audio recording should only be done to improve productivity and make your home or workplace more secure. The following are the primary benefits that you can get by installing CCTVs with audio and video recording:

Better Security

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One can improve security by installing CCTVS security systems in his office, business place, or home. Voice recording will prevent people from talking about mischievous things in the workplace or premises. For instance, if you are running a shop with such a security system, people will not communicate about items from you. Homeowners and business people who want to get enhanced and better protection should incest in CCTV systems with audio recording.

Fewer Blind Spots

Doing video surveillance can help you in minimizing the number of blind spots. Some of these blind spots are caused by some limitations or temporary be people. The use of CCTY security systems means that you will have few blind spots and thereby keep your home or premises from mischievous people.


Enhanced Monitoring

Improved monitoring is another great benefit that you can get by installing CCTV systems with audio-video recording. Remember that some people might try to hide themselves from these cameras, but they cannot hide their voices. When you record the sound of a person who is not in the frame of your camera, you should send your security guys to capture him. Audio recording is one of the effective ways of improving your monitoring skills.

Better Decision Making

Audio recording can help you in making your decisions in a better manner. A good example is where you have a female employee talking to a male employee while you cannot see their faces. Later one of them comes to report that she/he has been harassed by her colleague with words only for you to get a different story from the other employee. Installing a CCTV audio camera in your facility can help you in making the right decision by checking who is telling the truth.…

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